About the Hound Dog Blog

Welcome to the Hound Dog Blog.  This blog is the compilation of ten years of studying God’s Word from Sunday school lessons I taught from 1999 to 2009.  The Hound Dog Class was a collection of men from every walk of life, age group, status and circumstance.  The common bond was that we all fell short, screwed up and had a desire to learn what God would have for us.  More recently, this blog contains my thoughts, feelings and opinions on topics that are on my heart.  These topics range from wisdom to forgiveness and all are drawn from the Bible.

Here is a brief history of the inspiration for the name:

In 1997 I decided I wanted to attend a Men’s Sunday school class. At that time the only class available was for senior adult men ages 65 and up (most members in there 70’s and 80’s). Since I was not yet 40, I felt a little out of place but decided to go anyway. For the next year I learned from the group of men whose life experiences had given them great wisdom. God had taught this group of senior saints some wonderful lessons and they were more than willing to share their experiences with the “young pup”, as they referred to me. The class was led by BJ ”Joe” Cranford and had some of the finest men around faithfully attending each week.

On more than one occasion, Mr. Cranford would share the “Hound Dog” story with me. The story went something like this: “You know Tom, let’s say a man went rabbit hunting and he took a bunch of hound dogs with him. Now some of them dogs would be young, good looking, and eager.  Then he’d have him some ole dogs.  They would be droopy eyed and worn, ears notched and slow movin’. Now when it came time for them dogs to go after that rabbit, the young pups would just take off in any which way just as excited as they could be. But them ole hound dogs would lean back, sniff the breeze and then mosey off. Now Tom, which one of those dogs came back with that rabbit, the young pups, or the ole hound dogs?”

The answer was always the same… the ole hound dogs. Old dogs have wisdom learned from years of experience and teaching from their master. In our case, wisdom comes from experience and the lessons of God.  There is a path of life provided to us by God. He is willing to guide us down that path hand in hand if we will just have the wisdom to lean on him.

Mr. Cranford died in early 2008 but his spirit and voice lives on in all of us seeking God’s wisdom for our lives.

So look around, comment and provide feedback.  You might just be an ole Hound Dog yourself…


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